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About Us

CharmSpresso LTD, is a local, boutique distribution company based in Grand Cayman, supplying the islands with high-end luxury goods and specializing in the highest standards of quality products.

Started in 2002 as a family business, the Richter’s recognized the need for fine, quality glassware in restaurants in Grand Cayman, and that there was an opportunity to bring these products on island to sell to the hospitality industry. As the family travelled to Europe annually, specifically to Austria and Italy, they formed relationships and connections with business owners looking to export their products outside of Europe. Thus, the family began to import handblown glassware from Austrian company Glass & Co to the Cayman Islands.

The next product that was added to the company was Illy coffee. At the time, high quality coffee was difficult to source on Island, so therein lied another opportunity to import more high-quality European products to the Cayman Islands. Originated in Trieste, Italy, all Illy Coffee is canned, tested, roasted packaged and shipped out of the Italian region. Next to join the family was Torani, a company that specialized in numerous flavored syrups. Charmaine noted that people enjoy flavored coffee, and as Illy is known for not altering the flavor of their coffee, Torani was the perfect addition.

CharmSpresso prides itself on working with and selling trustworthy, honest and ethical brands like Illy, which is known for being one of the most ethical coffee brands in the world, even down to the wages they pay their pickers.

In 2019, Philipp Richter took over the family business full time. You may see his friendly face stocking grocery stores or delivering your bulk order.

The Vision

Purchase your luxury products in bulk directly from CharmSpresso  for the absolute best deals on all products we carry. We deliver at your convenience, straight to your home, office, shop or business with delivery six days a week. No matter your schedule, we will work with you to ensure you get your order as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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